Our drinking water system, the most comprehensive in the industry


It uses a multi filter stages and involves reverse osmosis technology which removes everything in your water that is not water. 

Water station K5 is the reverse osmosis system which is the most advanced with unique characteristic. 

The KINETICO drinking water system: adapts to your growing need for water filtration over time.


It is NSF counterpart and eliminates a larger number of contaminants than any other agent system. 

10 years warranty !

The K5 valve (unleaded) provides a high flow of water and constant, regardless the level of water in the tank.

Automatic closing after exhaustion cartridges.

The K5 : filtration adaptable to your specific needs


Groupe Guerin Inc. is proud to offert its customers a Canadian range of LUMINOR UV sterilizer. 

Blackcomb Luminor series is the most advanced on the market for sterilization by ultraviolet technology. 

If your water contains bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other pathogens, a UV system is a simple, effective and affordable solution.

Complete range of filters


The UV Sterilizer


Quality solutions and proven effective !


All of our facilities and / or quipment maintenance are carried out by qualified personnel. 
License # RBQ 8237-8431-45.