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Water in the News
Throughout Canada, water is making headlines. Recent warnings about lead levels, Vancouver's boil water alerts, and current controversies surrounding the environmental and physical costs of bottled water have Canadians concerned. This recent media awareness is very heartening, even if the issues being addressed are troubling. It seems to suggest that Canadians are finally being heard. The following links are to news articles, as well as government and academic resources that address many of these issues.

Canada's patchwork environmental strategy needs overhaul: report
(CBC news: September 18, 2007)
Canada needs a cohesive environmental strategy that includes more monitoring of people's exposures to environmental contaminants, a strengthening of environmental laws, and increased awareness about these issues, says a new report.

Doctors push government action on safe drinking water
(Vancouver Sun: August 22, 2007)
Canada's doctors are pressing all levels of government to adopt policies to guarantee clean, safe and reliable drinking water for all Canadian communities.

General News and Information About Water in Canada
The Water Chronicles
(, updated daily)
Water Chronicle's front page features aggregate headline news on water issues in Canada, the US and the world; there are boil water advisory maps, both national and provincial, and a sign-up link for water alerts in your neighbourhood; specialized inteviews with the various movers and shakers on water policy; and a place for new ideas to be heard.

Environment Canada - Water
Did you know that Canada is one of the highest water users per capita in the world? It's no wonder that easy access to safe, clean water is considered to be an important issue. Managing Canada's water resources, which represents about seven per cent of the world's renewable freshwater, is everyone’s responsibility.