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Water the
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A family business in water treatment
since 1976

Solving all water problems by putting your needs first and ensuring that an adequate installation will be put in place to provide you with perfect water, free of chemical substances and toxic to you and your family.
Slide "The water has become truly blue gold and its quality is sought after. Our company, located in Ste-Sabine, is ready to provide you with this jewel. We offer a complete service: evaluation of needs, installation of various pumping and filtration systems. We bring the water to the quality and the quantity you need".
-Patrick Guérin, chairman of Groupe Guérin
Slide The Groupe Géurin adventure began in 1976. Réal Guérin, plumber for 10 years, and his wife Lise, decided to found their own company: Plomberie Réal Guérin Enr. After only a few years, they receive a distinction award from the Goulds Pump Company for a record annual sales. Slide In 1994, they were joined by their oldest son Patrick. His knowledge of chemistry led the company to specialize in water filtration. This is why in 1997, the three partners joined forces with Kinetico: World leader in water treatment. Administrative offices, a showroom and a laboratory are required... During the same year, Plomberie Réal Guérin Enr officially becomes Groupe Guérin Inc.
Slide Over the years, Groupe Guérin has received several awards from Kinetico, including :
1-Best dealer in Canada
2-Best Growing Company
3-Company with the best after sales service

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