Complete private and public analysis laboratory

The water can be clear, while being dangerous and unfit for consumption. We offer you a complete analysis of your water: physico- chemical, microbiological analysis, chemical contaminants, heavy metals and others. Performed by qualified personnel and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. We even offer our mobile laboratory service, ideal for finding sources of contamination on the distribution network. For public files, our microbiological analyzes are carried out by a laboratory accredited according to the international standard ISO / CEI / 17025 and by the Quebec ministry of sustainable development, environment and parks.

Procedure for the bacteriological analysis sample collection


Remove the aerator


Coat the tap with rubbing alcohol inside and outside the mouthpiece


Let it act for 2 minutes


Open the cold water and let it run for 5 minutes


Open the sterile container of minimum 225mL
(available at our store)


Fill the sterile container completely


Close the sterile container tightly


Bring us the sterile container within a few hours of collection Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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